Ambiguous Borders

Ambiguous Borders is a text installation hung at person height to create a human encounter with the words. The piece addresses the fragile nature of our being and the barriers between us (words, translation). It is an ephemeral piece mirrored or transparent depending on the viewing angle. If reflective, the viewers see themselves, creating a connection.

The Faroese poem is written by Oddfridur Marni Rasmussen. He took Elisa’s poem and wrote a Faroese poem in response, using the same number of syllables in each line and echoing the line ‘broken down’.

Ambiguous Borders was installed at the Nordic House, Faroe Islands as part of the Light Art and Literature Festival run by Curated Place.

Some of Elisa’s poems were also projected onto the Faroese National Broadcasting House with the generous help of fellow Light Artist, Ulf Pederson.

This was part of Elisa’s larger research and development project ‘Light Holds Me Here‘ supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.