Away with the Faeries

‘Away with the Faeries’ by Elisa Artesero, 2023. Perth, Scotland.

Bringing a little magic and Scottish folklore into the city centre of Perth, light artwork ‘Away with the Faeries’ is installed in Guard Vennel, a popular walkway from the High Street to the Theatre district.

Inspired by Scottish folklores that had people disappearing for months, or even years, because they were dancing or playing music with the Faerie Folk; ‘Away with the Faeries’ invokes an image of Faeries dancing around a fire in the night and casting their shadows out into the darkness.

Guiding visitors through the enclosed part of the vennel are three glowing faerie rings projected onto the floor, announcing the title of the work ‘Away with the Faeries’, bringing some playfulness and humour to the space.

Opening out onto the large stretch of brick wall above are four large faerie rings casting the following poem in circles of light and shadow text:

By candlelight
Small enchantments
Dance in circles
To the rhythm of sleep

The light and shadows of the faerie rings grow in intensity as night falls, fully revealing their magic under the cover of darkness.

During the day, the sculptural elements, coloured in thistle blue and purple, hint at the night time magic of the piece, enigmatically announcing “Magic Surrounds This Place”.

This bold artwork has been commissioned by Perth and Kinross Council and installed permanently in Perth city centre, forming part of a larger lighting and artwork scheme of investment across the city.