Summertown Installation

Taking inspiration from one of Summertown’s most celebrated former resident’s works, J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, artist, Elisa Artesero has created artistic and poetic interventions to create a magical walkway for this unique Summertown landscape scheme.

The spatial layout takes symbolic inspiration from the now, iconic, front cover of ‘The Hobbit’. It consists of Sun and Moon inspired sculptures at opposite ends, conducting a conversation that is ignited at night through magical light and shadow poetry cast across the floor from benches lining the walkway.

The daytime elegance of the Sun Sculpture captures sunlight to cast gently shifting patterns across the floor, reminiscent of the light through church stained glass windows. The sunlight forms a symbolic magical gateway when shining South to North as it aligns with the two parallel panels, a reference made in Tolkien’s famous writing. This starts the poetic journey across the space from twilight to midnight with the poetry benches and illuminated trees lit with scattered words reminiscent of the journey through the Whispering Trees and towards the illuminated Moon stone embedded in the pavement on the North side of the walk.

Elegant design and timeless poetry, meets a touch of Summertown and Tolkien magic.